Updates since our last meeting

Last week’s meeting was cancelled because several members of the committee could not attend. I have a few updates since our last meeting so I am adding them to the notes I took during our September meeting.

  • I plan to find out about the recommendations made for institutional brochure. Once this brochure is updated, we can brainstorm ways to attract more institutional memberships.
  • I have contacted SMUG and NMD about collaborating. I will update you further when I speak with them more extensively.
  • Kacey, Sarah, and Alison have been working on the brochure. I will send out the pdf to the committee.
  • Discussion of MLA dues structure has been rescheduled.
  • Update marketing resources on committee blog (Lisa).
  • Update value of membership infographic (Amy, Kacey). I will send out the pdf that Kacey sent me.
  • Reminders to division leaders to use marketing committee (Joanna). I will draft a message soon.
  • Look into updating conference FAQs and membership handout in program packets (Joanna). I will talk to Margaret soon.

Outreach events

  • I spoke to Margaret about the possibility of this committee handling a few outreach events for MLA, such as the table at the Baltimore Book Festival and University of Maryland day in the spring. She agreed that this would work well and we have plans to talk about future coordination.

Our next meeting is scheduled for January 15th from 1-2 pm.


Meeting Minutes May 13, 2014

1. Conference Orientation Recap (Laksamee)

  • 13 people filled out and turned in their Bingo Card; one person was present at the drawing to win the Amazon gift card
  • Notes for future orientations
  1. Not having a session start right at 9am – there’s no break between orientation and the first session
  2. The DLA and MLA president both came – did a think, pair, share activity about what the theme of the conference means for libraries
  3. Things to point out and emphasize in the future: 3rd floor room (networking uncommons, etc.), vendor prize drawing, silent auction, invite people to the pub quiz, clarify they need to register for meals before the conference to see the keynote speaker (hopefully they saw it in the FAQs)

2. Overall conference/past year activities

  • Still need to hear about the institution membership brochure
  • John is thinking about ways to add value to our current members (not just numbers, but engagement)
  • Don’t have the membership number total – Carrie was hoping to reach 1000 members

3. Future/next steps

  • Natalie is stepping down as chair – first she will update the blog’s activities
  • Send recommendations for new chair to John Venditta at esrl
  • Natalie will work with the new chair, and give them a list of members
  • Most future meetings will be virtual unless there’s a need for an in-person meeting

It’s been a great year!

Meeting Minutes March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014
Virtual Meeting

1. Update on institutional brochure
We sent recommendations to the president of MLA and the executive director, but have not heard back. (Follow up needed).

2. Update on elevator pitches
We have not received pitches from the different MLA groups, but once we do, we can format them into brochures, websites, etc. (Follow up needed to contact the leader of each group).

3. MLA website redesign
Natalie met with the UB class that is doing the website analysis to explain what MLA is, and our overall goals for the website. The survey has been sent out, and data collection; they’ve also held in-person and on-line focus groups.

4. MLA conference orientation
Laksamee is running the conference orientation session. We decided that the winner of the bingo-signature sheet will be drawn at the vendor time on Friday morning from 9-9:30am. We decided to do it earlier on Friday rather than later because if they have a bingo card, they’ve attended the Conference Orientation Session on Thursday morning, and could presumably collect enough signatures by Friday morning. This will also encourage people to visit the vendors. Laksamee has a prize for the winner. Additionally, she is inviting the MLA president, conference chairs, and other people representing different divisions to talk about one session they planned to attend, and we came up with a few other questions for them to talk about briefly.

5. Committee future
In the Division ReVision task force report, it was recommended that Marketing and Membership split to form two different committees. We discussed having it only called Membership (since our primary goal is to market to current and potential members), while External Relations would be it’s own committee. However, Lisa, chair of External Relations, was not present at the committee meeting to further discuss this.
Additionally, Natalie will be stepping down as chair at the end of June, and put out a call for a new chair. She will contact the president and executive director to let them know.

Meeting Minutes January 14, 2014

1. Introductions, recapped last meeting (see minutes from November)

2. MLA conference orientation session: Laksamee gave an update of the bingo board she created – she’s taking suggestions for types of people to use to fill out the board. There are some pretty great prizes, and a BINGO will give someone an entry into the raffle (do not need to be present to win)

3. External relations subcommittee plans
Lisa presented the background and next steps for the subcommittee. Lisa, Paula and Jay will meet in a conference call to discuss the external relations task force report and pick out actionable, doable items. Once they have a better sense of what they hope to accomplish, they will recruit from different library systems/specific skill areas

4. Membership recommendations:

  • List of committees at MLA (elevator pitches to see what they do – Kacey offered to put together a brochure);
  • Membership card with ID number;
  • Email renew letter with a link to the online form

5. Future meetings: Our next meeting on March 11 (10-11am) will be virtual. Natalie will check with Kate to make sure the Blackboard room is available.

6. Interested in chairing this committee starting July 2014? Contact Natalie!

Meeting Minutes November 12, 2013

1. Orientation Session at MLA conference

  • Scheduled for Thursday 8:15-8:45am
  • Session: Part speakers (President of MLA and DLA and conference chairs, past president) and Bingo session (Laksamee)
  • Questions for speakers:

What has your library done in the past year to Turn it up?
What is the conference doing to Turn it up – what session are you looking forward to attending?
What’s the one you wish someone told you about the conference before you attended?
Ask questions, and ask audience what they are looking forward.

  • Laksamee will ask conference chair, David D. prize for orientation bingo – free coffee from Cabin Creek Roaster, Amazon gift card, ceramic mug
  • Box at the registration table for completed bingo sheets; pull a bingo winner at the business meeting.

2. Elevator pitch activity at executive board meeting

  • Ameerah found lots of examples; will create a template so each division knows how to format their pitch
  • Purpose: To get more people to join the committees and panels
  • Future use: Posting on social media, maybe do an Instagram video, shorten to 140 characters for Twitter
  • Ameerah will talk to Lisa Picker about presenting at MLA executive committee.
  • Erica will collect handouts

3. Institutional brochures

  • Natalie will follow up on corporate brochures and recommendations for incentives
  • Natalie will email Carrie with a write up on our recommendations

4. External relations subcommittee ideas

  • Elevator pitch – send to Marylib
  • Send out information in the Crab
  • Session on press releases – poster session at MLA
  • On the shore they have someone who handles press releases- maybe work with those specific people?
  • Clarify what volunteers need to do specifically
  • Funnel the requestions through the regional libraries – location based /geographically
  • Create a centralized place, blog where she can announce what has been posted
  • Post her contact information, update on MLA page

5. Other:

  • Graphic design – Kacey does graphic design! Useful for the institutional brochure, letter, redoing the website,etc.
  • Membership packet includes the Happenings, a coupon, a notice about the Crab being online and a welcome letter. Recommend having a card with your id number and a handout with elevator pitches of all of the groups listed

Minutes from September 10 meeting

Marketing and Membership Committee Minutes
Virtual Meeting
Tuesday, September 10, 10-11am

1. Renewal letter

  • Should have a closing statement that says “thanks for joining and being a part of MLA and participate in a variety of programs”
  • Delete the coffee bullet point
  • Include planning a conference with over 650?attendees and number of programs at the conference, and mention we work with DLA Don’t use the word program, use workshops or stand alone workshops Remove the words exhibits and advertising Have a section that says “my areas of interests are” stead of lists of divisions (mostly for the website) Discounted conference and workshop registration Include the link to the registration form
  • Recommend that renewal be sent via email Recommend that they include “keep an eye out for a welcome packet” in this confirmation email for new members


2. Institutional brochure

  • Ideas to make it more enticing?
  • Quarterly advertising on Marylib
  • How many people attend the conference (reach) Website advertising Maybe 1 ad per year in the Crab How much does the job list cost normally that they are saving?


3. Activity at the November executive board meeting

  • Elevator pitch – creating a short one for you division, interest group, etc
  • Why did you join MLA – use for advertising
  • Speed dating committee groups
  • Outreach to mud and cua students – DEAL
  • Do you have a welcome letter, is your website up to date, do you have events on calendar, etc.?


4. Conference report by Laksamee

  • Theme: Turn it up!
  • Conference program forms need to be filled out by October 12
  • Laksamee will work with Natalie and Ameerah on the program form for the orientation session

Meeting Minutes July 9, 2013

MLA Marketing and Membership Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 9, 2013

I.            Feedback on Membership and Marketing Orientation Session from this year’s MLA annual conference.

Some highlights from the orientation session:

  • There was a large turnout.
  • Participants provided positive feedback from the online survey.

Suggestions for next year’s Membership and Marketing Orientation Session at the MLA annual conference are:

  • Partner with Library Management and Leadership Divisions.
  • Plan a speed networking session where past conference attendees can provide three tips for new attendees at the MLA annual conference.
  • Have a job fair set up.

II.           Marketing and Membership letter and the MLA membership renewal letter.

  • Both letters need revisions.
  • Discussed the benefits members have for joining MLA.
  • Discussed updating the Institutional and Corporate membership form and brochures.
  • Will include 10% discount on the corporate membership form for advertising job listing, job line, and website link.
  • Obtain stats for members that renew their MLA membership online and compare to members that renew with paper membership renewal form.

III.          External Relations Subcommittee

  • Discussed possible ways to outreach to attract members.
  • Have liaisons from each committee (Legislative Panel, MLA Marketing Committee, SMUG, DLDS, CML, Academic and School Communities, and a representative from the at Large Committee, to be represented on the External Relations Subcommittee.